"If you mess with me, I'm
going to try to kill you"

-- Rubin Carter, 1964

As quoted in a The Saturday Evening Post article by Milton Gross

Here are excerpts from the article about Carter, then the No. 1-rated challenger for the middleweight boxing crown, and Joey Giardello, the title holder. The article appeared before their 1964 bout under the headline "A Match Made in the Jungle."

Carter is quoted as talking "in jest" about getting guns and going to Harlem to "get us some of those police" who had responded to riots there. Carter says that quote resulted in an intense campaign of police harassment against him.

In his book on Page 227, Carter admits making some of the comments below but claims the reporter took the comments out of context and left out "all the qualifying parts. ... That man just used what he wanted and left out the rest!" He also claims that the reporter promised "to keep most things that I told him off the record and confidential."

Judge for yourself what this report reveals.


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